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Our Amazing Products

Mayo Brothers Butchers situated in Chesham Bois, between Amersham and Chesham, specialize in prime, grass-fed Scotch Beef hung for a minimum of 3 weeks on the bone to allow the flavours to develop and the meat to become wonderfully tender.
We also stock Welsh Hill lamb, outdoor reared pork, and free range chicken, homemade sausages, burgers, a selection of homemade ready meals together with a wide selection of frozen fish. We have an extensive range of fine cheeses in our deli counter, which also includes olives, cured meats, cooked hams etc.


Our beef Products

Our Beef is hand selected from one farm in Scotland who only supply us with the finest grass-fed Scotch Beef.   
We then hang on the bone for a minimum of 3 weeks to allow the flavours to develop and the meat to become wonderfully tender.

Our mince is made daily using the best quality Scotch chuck steak and great for a wide variety of cooking recipes £10.95 per Kg

Choose from one of our prime grass-fed steaks for the meat lover in your family - fillet, sirloin, rump or a rib-eye steak
from £34.95 per Kg  

A favourite of ours is the Tomahawk steak (thick cut rib-eye steak left on the bone) with its marbling and wonderful rich flavour
makes this a perfect serving for 2-3 people from £ 37.50 per Kg.


Our Pork Products

Our outdoor reared English pork comes from Orchard Farm Pork. The sows are housed in social groups in deeply strawed tented lodges with free access to roam, feed, sleep or wallow at will.
'Only the most suitable breeds are used combining lifestyle with eating quality'


Our Traditional pork sausages are a family favourite! Freshly made each week at our shop with only the best cuts of pork.
All ingredients used in our sausages are fresh and hand blended without adding any extras.

Enjoy grilled with mash and gravy.

Our range includes... a wide variety of flavours including plain, pork and herb, leek, Marmite, venison, chicken and apricot,
pheasant and apple from £10.95 per Kg
We also provide a selection of Gluten Free sausages.


Our lamb Products

Our lamb is hand selected from either Welsh or North Devon farm's. The sheep graze on grass to give it it’s succulent flavour.
We cut all of our lambs on the premises to give you the choice of cuts you are looking for.

Why not try our mint marinade on our lamb chops to enhance the flavour of your meal.

Recipe Tip:
An under-appreciated cut of lamb is Neck Fillet, which offers great value and makes for very tasty and rich slow cooking.
Try using as the main ingredient in an Irish Stew or lamb and apricot curry.
Prices from: £21.95 per Kg

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