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Our Amazing Products

Our deli counter hosts a wide selection of English, French and Italian cheeses from mature Cheddar from Cheddar Gorge and the creaminess of the Welsh Black Bomber to the full flavour of French Brie de Meaux or if you’re feeling brave why not try the
Stinking Bishop – voted one of the smelliest cheeses in the world.

olives & cooked meats

Mayo Brothers have a wide choice of quality Deli products including Olives and Meats.

Our stock includes a selection of Italian charcuterie. Negroni is the best-known brand of charcuterie in Italy; having led the market in premium delicatessen meats for over a century.

Along with the full flavoured Prosciutto di Parma, authentic Castellino olives and Piccadolce sweet peppers stuffed

with Italian cheese.

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